Latin for Orthographers 1


Rigourously scholarly structures for understanding the the etymological evidence for Latinate origins.

Greek for Orthographers


Greek morphology is famously multifaceted, a fact that  makes it instantly attractive to real scholars of English orthography.

Lexical Doublets


Applying this specifically French concept to the English lexicon is to experience and consolidate the elegant concision of the coherent scholarly discipline that is so essential to our science of orthographic linguistics.

Latin for Orthographers 2


Extending and deepening understanding of Latin structures that inform Modern English orthography

Transcribing Greek


We can only understand how Greek roots are representated in English orthography when we know how the Romans transcribed Greek into Latin.

Understanding Real Script


Real script brings liberating and joyous reality to our realization of the writing system – thought made visible as text.

Understanding Lewis & Short


The spellinar resources for Understanding Lewis and Short.



Subscription to both Latin 1 and Latin 2 films.



Subscription to both Greek for Orthographers and Transcribing Greek films.

Whole Site


Access to all of the Spellinar films on the Orthographica site.